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San'Rha by sisaat San'Rha by sisaat
An old OC of mine. San'Rha is from my old story World in Grey.

San'Rha is my favorite character I've ever created. Mostly because he's old enough that I had the time to really get attached, but also because he's more realistic than any of the other characters I made back then. I was a angsty teenager and I thought I had to give my characters some tragic backstory and no flaws for them to be interesting. Many of them had lost their entire family/species. I didn't like San'Rha that much back then. Now, over ten years later, the character resonate with me so much more.

San'Rha is not a victim of fate. He even has a still living mother who loves him. Most of the drama in his life was due to his own bad decisions, failures and lack of motivation. At the beginning of World in Grey, San'Rha was over 800 years old and had finally decided to do something with his life. At the story's start, he was the only main character doing what he was doing just because he wanted to. Not because of fate or a desire for revenge. He just wanted to accomplish something. To stop wasting his life and make up for his mistakes.

The picture is of an event two centuries earlier, after the biggest mistake he ever made. The cut is not self-inflicted.
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November 22, 2012
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